Thursday, February 25, 2010

Society of Children Books Writers and Illustrators

It is safe for me to say that if it were not for the Society of Children’s Books Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI), I would be going about trying getting published completely backwards! For months I have been reading and studying their great web site: .
I have been avidly pouring over the SCBWI’s Publication Guide. The guide is also available on-line to members. It contains so much valuable information! There are chapters on Preparing & Submitting; Legal Questions; Publicizing Your Published Work; School Visits; Market Survey’s; and Directories and Resources. Each chapter is so full of valuable knowledge that I am studying harder than I have in years.
My regional chapter, Southern Breeze, is full of talented writers and illustrators who generously share their expertise through the web site and newsletter. I am constantly amazed at how generously these members answer questions, celebrate each others successes, and provide information that others might be interested in. I understand the conferences are marvelous. I plan to be at the winter conference; hopefully with a manuscript for critiquing!
I can certainly see why so many first-time published authors express so much appreciation to SCBWI and the Southern Breeze chapter. I assure you that when I do get published it will be due in great part to the advice I gleaned from this great organization and its many members.



Cathy said...

You go Beth - I can't wait until you publish your first book!!! So very cool!

Beth Mithen said...

You will have the first invitation to the party!