Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thorny Character

I regularly read the blog of Nathan Bransford:

In a recent posting: “Do you own your characters or do your characters own you?” he wrote:
“At the same time, I always find it curious to hear authors so completely in thrall to their worlds and characters, and I start wondering, "Wait a second, who's in charge here?"

Once the characters and worlds begin to take life it can be a danger if the author lets the characters take the story in a completely different direction. Willful characters can walk themselves straight out of a plot if the author loses touch with the story and instead just follows the characters' whims.”
I wonder if Mr. Bransford has hacked into my computer because that is exactly what has happened in my story. One of my favorite characters has walked out of the story. For days I have been pondering what I should do about him. I have revised the story to keep him in and I have revised the story without him. Both have high points and I cannot decide which is superior. My story has its own reality and is very much alive in my mind. This world must be conveyed for readers. I want everyone to be as engrossed in this world as I am.
I love all of my characters. Each character has his unique life story and personality. How could this happen to my story line? Should I keep working to keep him in this story? Maybe he is such a good character that he needs his own story. The quandary is painful! Writing is painful! Stay tuned to see what happens.


Anonymous said...

Matbe 'thorny' is telling you he wants his own story with his own starring role!Naomi

Beth Mithen said...

I am afraid you are right, but am not ready to let him go. Certainly not ready to think of the NEXT book!