Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Urge to Write

In my last posting I said that writing is as important to me as eating. Actually writing may take precedence as I am often so immersed in my research and writing that I work right through mealtimes. Not only do I frequently work through mealtimes, I do not even notice that I missed a meal or two. I don’t even notice until my stomach growls so loudly that I think the dogs need to go outside. My waist could certainly afford to lose several inches but not through starvation.

I have been writing fairly seriously for ten years. The focus of the majority of my writing then was educational: instructional and thematic units and high interest low level stories. I ‘played’ with several children stories but they definitely took the backseat. I am now working diligently to get these same stories into publishable shape.

I am currently focusing on two stories. I work on one until I hit a brick wall or the story seems to fizzle. Then I switch to the other story. This seems to help me to maintain my excitement about both stories. It is amazing how a fresh eye will open up the most obvious solution or direction for the story. I have promised myself a special treat when one it ready for a critique.

My home office is most accommodating for writing. The two dogs and I have the house to ourselves for nine to ten hours most days. We live in a quiet rural area that provides few disruptions. The arrangement is nearly perfect for writing.

I do have a problem though. Ideas, solutions, resource thoughts, characterizations, and much more see to bounce around in my head constantly. Thoughts come to me at the oddest times. My memory is not what it used to be so I have notebooks and notepads everywhere-by the bed, my chair, my desk, table, car, patio, purse-even in the bathroom. The heart of my problem is that I spend too much time going through a mountain of notebooks to find a particular ‘idea’. I would love to know: how do you effectively organize all these thoughts/ideas/solutions?

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Cathy said...

I don't know how to do that unless you know what you are looking for. I have the same problem with looking for notes at school to that I jot down in this and that sort of places. Perhaps at the end of the day or week, you can collect your notebooks and place them all in a file on the computer???