Friday, March 12, 2010

Authors’ Desks

Pictures of authors’ desks attract my attention. I love looking at all the details and enlarge the pictures when possible. The books and supplies on the desks titillate me. If I am unfamiliar with an item, I often do a little research. Who knows, maybe I need that too! The pictures and knick knacks around the desk tell me things about the authors and what inspires them. Even the food or drink on the desks gives me a little insight. Some desks are in what appears to be dark little corners. Others are in open airy spaces. I wonder what people will think when they dig up these desks thousands of years into the future. What will they determine about the writers of today?
A fascinating aspect of authors’ desks is their organization. Some I have seen must be the desks of my soul mates. These desks are neat and orderly with everything in its place. These could be my desk! Others have huge piles everywhere. The piles are disorderly and look as if they will tumble over at any moment. Where is the computer? How do they find anything? I suspect, like someone near and dear to me, that they can reach in and put their hands on the exact paper they want.
Both types of desks belong to authors who have published numerous books. I can only assume that both methods work.


Anonymous said...

Can't believe my near perfect son in law does not have a neat desk!

Kit said...

Desk art, that is what I think I will call it! Those towers of VIP papers!! :) It is really a strangely personal thing, a desk!

Beth Mithen said...

Desk Art! I like that! It is very strange how personal desk styles are!

Beth Mithen said...

Son-in-law DOES have a clean desk. It is another near and dear to me with a more interesting desk!