Friday, March 26, 2010

Boys and Reading

REMINDER: Remember the Library Blog Challenge described in my March 23 post.

Recently the Center on Education Policy released a report that clearly shows that the reading levels of boys in the United States are lagging behind girls. Being a retired educator, I have studied these statistics for years and therefore was not surprised. I was disappointed though! Educators have considered boys a high-risk subgroup for many years now. Specific interventions for boys have been put into place; however boys are still lagging!

Do you suppose as authors and ‘trying to be’ authors that we could play a significant role in changing these statistics? Could we consider writing more stories focused on the interests of little boys? What if we filled classrooms and libraries with stories that would intrigue them so much that they would want to read more and more?


Kit said...

I am eager to read your first book Beth! Action may be the key to the boys! Josh loves to read and he seems to like adventure the best!

Ita Roche Author said...

I couldn't agree more, and I think if we write books that will not only be of interest but make boys laugh like Roddy Doyle does it will make a huge difference.
With a smile Ita

Beth Mithen said...

Agreed! My grandson loves all books but especially those who make him laugh or the animal kingdom!