Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Grandson’s Reading List

This writing ‘gig’ is making my house messy! I intended to devote my morning to household chores-the great advantage of working from home. As I picked up the stack of books by my recliner, I was touched with memories of my grandson’s visit. You see, these are some of the books we read while he was here. As I put each book on the shelf, I remembered our joy and discussions as reading. Then I thought some of you might like to share those memories too. So here are the books we most recently read together:

Which One Doesn’t Belong? By Linda Haywood ©1981---This book happened to belong to his uncle and mother when they were young. It is full of puzzles that he loves doing over and over again.

Wubbzy’s Wild Ride adapted by Jo Hurley © 2009. He loves Wubbzy and this book.

The Silly Family by Katherine Pebley O’Neal © 2008. He actually chose this one out of a bin at the grocery store, believe it or not, during this past visit. A four year old really loves the silly jokes!

The Berenstain Bears and the Slumber Party by Stan & Jan Berenstain © 1990. This is another of his mother’s childhood books and is just as good today!

Miss Hunnicutt’s Hat by Jeff Brumbeau © 2003. This book was discussed in an earlier [posting]. Elliott loved it as much as the class I read to did.

My Day by Sindy McKay © 2002. This is a ‘We Both Read’ book. Even though Elliott is not actually reading yet, this book is written so that he could do part of the child’s pages by himself. At four, he loves doing everything by himself.

The Bears’ Christmas by Stan & Jan Berenstain © 1970. Another classic! Elliott laughs as loudly as his mother did when she was four.

Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss © 1960. His mother’s was totally worn out, so this is a new copy. We have read it so often that he can recite parts of it with me.

Two Bad Ants by Chris Van Allsburg © 1988. Elliott had such a serious face as I read about the trials of these ants.

Thomas’ Big Storybook by The Reverend W. Awdry © 1985-2006. Being Thomas the Engine’s biggest fan, this is Elliott’s all-time favorite book. This book has 185 pages. We have read all 185 pages many, many times! We read it so often that my daughter and I take turns hiding it for a while to give ourselves a break!

Did I mention that my grandson loves books and being read to? Reading books to my grandson that I read to his mother is a wonderful connection of generations.

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Naomi said...

Yes, I have enjoyed reading to my daughter Beth, granddaughter Ginny and great grandson Elliott. Beth's first favorite book was "I take Mommy Walking" which I can still recited the first few pages from memory."I take Mommy walking" did not survive but Beth found a copy when she was in college.

Cathy said...

Makes me smile hearing all these books being read!!!

Kit said...

Sophia, Josh and Emily I cannot speak for, I do not know their favorite books they seem to love all kinds. I can speak on the likes of Abby. She will always pick nature books first. She loves to read about animals and creatures and I am learning all about exotic animals with her!
We went to the store and she got to pick her own book and it was this really cool book all about spiders!

Beth Mithen said...

I love spider books too. When "I took Mommy Walking" I bet we saw spiders too.