Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Technology Challenged

Children love to hear about the lack of technology in the dark ages of my childhood and young adult life. They cannot seem to imagine such a world. I, on the other hand, am working continually to catch up with the technology of today. In fact, I have not caught up to all the technology of yesterday. My own children are now grown and living in other towns. They were my saviors. It was second nature for them to program my technology, explain it to me, and save me when I got in a technology-based mess. I am technology challenged!

I do not have a smart phone. I have a two year old Razor and have not figured out all the functions on it. I have a digital camera but it takes me hours to upload/download the pictures to my computer and even more hours to send and post the pictures. I have a camcorder that I have yet to figure out how to download the videos. I don’t have a Kindle. Even though I love holding a book in my hands, I do see times that having an e-book reader would be really advantageous. I also fear I will not be able to figure out how to download books to it. We have a DVD player (not recorder) but I have to keep a cheat sheet beside me to see a movie. My four year old grandson is trying to teach me to play his VTech video game with him. He outplays me every single time and this grandmother does not believe in letting children win all the time. I simply CANNOT beat him. I do not have an IPod. My husband has to download music for me on my mpg player.

I struggle with the technology of blogs. I cannot get the formatting just right. I struggle to insert pictures, although I finally learned how to insert links. I cannot even begin to set up a website, although I know the importance of web presence. Even my word processing program is a battle at times. Word thinks it is smarter than I am and maybe it is. I comprehend most written directions extremely well; however, all the technical terminology in technology directions leaves me clueless. Will I be able to compete in the publishing world with my limitations? Can I survive? Where are some easy directions on how to effectively use technology?


Kit said...

I say this, a good story will find away and you can always just put pen to paper! You are doing a wonderful job and no one in the world can keep up with technology...we all just keep trying!

Beth Mithen said...

Amen. I am writing this as my 4 year old grandson is on the desktop, playing a game on Nick Jr and printing out the picture he 'drew' ALL BY HIMSELF!!!!