Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Writer’s Diet

At the insistence of my dogs, I arose from the computer to let them outside. I stepped on the hem of my jeans as I walked across the house. Glory be, maybe I have lost a little of that excess weight. Maybe the Writer’s Diet is working. Oh, you never heard of this diet? It is really an easy diet. You get up in the morning and have a couple of cups of coffee, say your morning prayers, and then move to the computer to begin work.
If you are akin to me, you become totally engrossed. There are always future postings for my blogs to be written and revised. The two books I am writing constantly require revising for the umpteenth time. On a bad day, I am attempting to get the pictures from my digital camera downloaded to my computer then uploaded/exported onto my blogs. A class might help me do this in a more efficient manner. Whatever I am doing, I am totally engrossed. In fact, I am so engrossed that I don’t stop to eat! I eventually notice my stomach growling and tell myself to go eat at the next convenient stopping point. That point never seems to come. It never fails that one thing leads to another and I just can’t stop.
I have attempted to eat at the computer but that is a very, very bad idea. It actually requires both of my hands to type and at least one to eat. Two plus one still equals three. Crumbs are also the nemesis of the keyboard. Greasy and sticky fingers do little good to the keyboard. Since I am in the Deep South, I always have a glass of ‘sweet tea’ on my desk. Experience has taught me to keep it on the far end of the desk. Consequently, I am on the Writer’s Diet!
Before you all join me on this particular diet I must tell you one more tidbit of information. I have discovered I was wearing my husband’s jeans! Apparently after I showered, I went to the laundry room and grabbed ‘my’ jeans off the hanging rack. I swiftly jumped into them, ran the brush through my hair and headed back to my office. Now I am wondering if the Writer’s Diet is designed to make me gain weight. When I get to a convenient stopping point, I will go step on the scales.


Kit said...

lol, I needed a smile and there your blog was, now back to work I go!

Cathy said...

That is so funny Beth!

Beth Mithen said...

Laughter is good medicine!