Friday, April 9, 2010

Who Can Write Now?

I have stared at a blank page for two days. Who can write now? Each day is bringing more wonder to my yard. The dogwood is breaking out in pure white blooms. Some azaleas are in full bloom and other are covered in buds. Yesterdays buds are open today. The yard is covered with pink, coral, and white blooms. Three hummingbirds have returned to their feeder at my kitchen window. They spend all day competing for time drinking the sweet nectar in the red honeysuckle and feeder. Sitting out on the patio is risky and exciting these days. The hummingbirds are swooping back and forth so you can feel the wind around your head. The purple martins are busily building nests in their purple martin condominium and gourds. The bluebirds are hilarious to watch taking their daily bath in the birdbath. The house finches are sitting on eggs in their nests under the carport. Too much excitement is happening! I do not want to miss a single sight! Maybe I need to write at night during the spring. What a terrible conundrum!


Naomi said...

What about laptop on patio?

Cathy said...

I actually think what you wrote was writing!!!